Spring Break Camp

When regular Spring break camps aren't enough...

When Spring Break Camps aren’t enough.. Sign up for C3 Cyber Club’s STEAM Spring Camp- filled with games, friends, sports, technology, and fun learning opportunities. You can choose between Full Day or Half Day STEAM camp.

During Full Day STEAM Camp, kids go to child-friendly venues to enjoy laser tag, rollerblade, and many other recreational activities. There’s also plenty of opportunity for indoor fun with video games and arts & crafts at C3’s Ashburn headquarters. Computer Classes and STEAM classes are available in the afternoon during Full Day Camp.

During Half Day STEAM Camp, kids take cool computer classes and STEAM classes that double as academically enriching and fun.

All these options come together so your child has the best camp experience ever!

Age Groups

Little Explorers (7-9 years old)
C3 Cyber Club knows how to keep little minds occupied and busy during the spring months. We provide a hands-on environment where your Little Explorer can do arts & crafts, imaginative play, age appropriate gaming and outdoor sports activities. Our activities are designed to enhance their development and social skills. Our Little Explorers have opportunities for individual play and group play with kids in their age group.

Mighty Trekkers (10-14 years old)
C3 Cyber Club has built an irresistible spring program that gives older kids a challenging environment filled with friends, games and non-stop fun. Mighty Trekkers get the best of both worlds as they dabble in arts and crafts and actively participate in outdoor play, while working in teams and practicing solo. We let students explore various activities to help them identify their interests and build their skills through everything from gaming tournaments to outdoor play.