Math & Science Add-ons

NEW Math & Science Programs


Our STEAM AfterSchool program was so popular this year, we decided to add a STEAM element to Summer Camp. Below are the exciting new Math & Science programs we are offering. The program runs Monday through Thursday from 2:00-4:00pm. Students receive about 8 hours of instruction for each week of Math & Science class.


The Science program teaches a variety of science topics including, but not limited to: geology, astronomy, mechanical engineering & biology. Kids will use critical analytical thinking and math reasoning; they will practice higher order of thinking;they will be introduced to flexible and adaptive thinking, and will use hands on learning to accomplish their goals. Some of the many fun projects are DNA Strands Project (Anatomy), Detective Fossils, Making Rock Candy (Geology), Making Homemade Cookie Dough (Science of food), and Candy Catapult (Mechanical Engineering).

Summer Math Prep Program

Students risk the chance of losing knowledge over the summer. Help prevent this loss and prepare your child for their next year of education in mathematics. Our Summer Math Prep program covers several major topics within 1st through 8th grade, including:

– Number Sense
– Computation
– Geometry
– Probability
– Statistics

Our program has been developed with the The Virginia Standards of Learning guidelines in mind, so your child can be confident and comfortable when returning to school. Our trained instructors assist students with their exercises and help guide them through the problem solving process. Parents can rest easy knowing their child will be prepared for their next school year.

Math & Science Class Schedule (Ages 7-14)

M – TH

6/12 to 6/16

2pm – 4pm

Class Description


M – TH

6/19 to 6/23

2 – 4pm


M – TH

6/26 to 6/30

2 – 4pm


M, W, TH

7/3 to 7/7

2 – 4pm


M – TH

7/24 to 7/28

2 – 4pm


M – TH

8/7 to 8/11

2 – 4pm