Half Day STEAM Summer Camp

Computer Class Overview

We have made some new options available for our Half-Day Tech Summer Camp this year! Kids still get to choose popular computer classes to take in the morning at our headquarters in Ashburn, referred to as Ashburn Camp. (We will not have afternoon computer classes this year). Kids will also have the option of taking either a Science or a Math class during the morning hours.
Kids love our computer classes! They have a ton of fun learning, since learning computer skills looks a lot like playing video games. At the same time, parents appreciate their kids gaining twentieth century computer skills valuable to their future.

Kids get a lot out of our classes because we use the newest software, allow them hands-on experience, and provide one to one instruction in small class sizes under 12 students. Each student works on their own computer and moves forward at their own rate. We are constantly improving our curriculum to best enable students to learn valuable tools and techniques. Class topics include programming game design, robotics, computer 3D modeling, and so much more.

A nice feature of Half Day Tech Summer Camp is that kids get to do a Show and Tell for their parents at the end of their 5-day class. Besides taking home digital copies of their projects, they also have access to the free software they used during class. So they can keep playing and modifying projects on their own! (Only a few classes do not offer take home software).

About Computer Classes

Math & Science Classes Overview

Our STEAM AfterSchool program was so popular this year, we decided to add a STEAM element to Summer Camp. Below are the exciting new Math & Science programs we are offering.


The Science program teaches a variety of science topics including, but not limited to: geology, astronomy, mechanical engineering & biology. Kids will use critical analytical thinking and math reasoning; they will practice higher order of thinking;they will be introduced to flexible and adaptive thinking, and will use hands on learning to accomplish their goals. Some of the many fun projects are DNA Strands Project (Anatomy), Detective Fossils, Making Rock Candy (Geology), Making Homemade Cookie Dough (Science of food), and Candy Catapult (Mechanical Engineering).

Math Tutoring

It’s easy for a struggling student to get lost in a big classroom, especially in a tough subject like math. To help students get the personal attention they need to thrive in today’s competitive educational environment, C3 Cyber Club now offers mathematics tutoring for students of all ages.

Our math tutoring has three goals:

  • Prepare students for exams
  • Establish a strong foundation for future learning
  • Reignite a passion for math in struggling students

The MATH Program has been developed by math teachers and experts. It builds students’ fundamental math knowledge so that they can meet or exceed Virginia’s mathematical standards, some of the highest math standards in the United States. The program enables students to score well on the Mathematics Standard of Learning test that Virginia students must take annually.

Students who enroll in the MATH program will start by taking a pre-assessment test for their grade level to identify math weaknesses and strengths. Parents will receive a report with this information. We will customize the program to address each student’s specific learning difficulties by providing lessons and worksheets that build their math skills in those specific areas. Students will have lessons in small groups, learning topics they haven’t been taught yet in their grade level and higher grade levels. Parents will receive updates on their student’s progress throughout the program.

This customized program insures students make significant progress in a short amount of time. The program makes the most of students’ math study time by focusing on learning difficulties and by limiting tutoring session to 1 hour, the maximum attention span for most students. Trained instructors assist students with math exercises and help guide them through the problem solving process. Parents can rest easy knowing their child is well prepared for annual testing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why C3?
Half Day Summer Camp is the perfect supplement to any summer activities you have for your children. Children have fun learning new computer skills valuable to their future.

What time do camp activities start?
AM Half Day camp starts at 9am and ends at 12:15pm. PM Half Day Camp starts at 1pm and ends at 4:15pm. Our facility is open at 7:30am for before care and is open till 6:00 for after care. During before care and after care children will have free time to engage in various types of computer and video gaming activities.

Are there any forms I must fill out for my child?
Yes, each camper must have a completed Half Day Camp Registration Form. This form must be given to C3 Cyber Club before the 1st day of camp or your child will not be able to attend camp.

Can I pick up my child early?
If necessary, you may pick your child up before the end of regular camp hours. Please notify us in advance and in writing. This will allow us to have your child ready and waiting when you arrive.

What’s included in the Pricing Plans?
All pricing plans for camps at our Ashburn location include access to the entire gaming facility.

How can I pay for the camp?
Please fill out the registration form at the top of the page. You can mail, fax or personally hand in the form to our office staff and complete the payment process.


What are the activities when my child has Free Gaming Time?
For camps at our Ashburn location, our large gaming room consists of six 10 foot video projection screens connected to Wii, Xbox 360, and Xbox One, with a large library of the latest age appropriate games. In addition to console equipment, we have 30 network computers with which children can participate in group gaming. Imagine 30 campers each having their own computer and can simultaneously play the same game with others.

Supervised gaming activities and video game competitions have been the biggest draw for our campers. Our popular age appropriate video game competitions are: Super Smash Brawl, Mario Cart, Just Dance, Dance Central and more. There are two air hockey tables for casual play. Campers will be introduced to many different types of games ranging from console to computer games.For 9am-1pm camps at off site locations, there is a 30-45 minute break during which students can use laptops to play small games. Students also have time to eat snacks that they have brought to camp.

Who should I call in case my child can’t attend camp for the day?
In the event that your child is unable to attend camp for the day, we ask that you report his/her absence to the C3 Cyber Club office 703-729-0985.

What is the camper to counselor ratios?
We maintain our staff to child ratio at 1 adult for 10 children.

What are your policy about LOST & FOUND?
Please mark all belongings with your child’s first and last name. We are not responsible for lost items. A “Lost & Found” box can be found at the camp desk. After two weeks, ” Lost & Found” articles will be taken to a local community shelter.