Full Day STEAM Summer Camp


When C3 Cyber Club put together its first summer camp, it was looking to create a-one-of-a-kind experience by offering kids both outdoor fun and academically enriching indoor activities. C3’s Ashburn Camp maintains this ideal with a mix of activities, operating out of our headquarters in Ashburn, Virginia.

Kids enrolled in Full Day Ashburn Camp go on daily field trips where they get exercise, experience new venues, and have a ton of fun! Our daily field trips are to kid friendly venues such as the water park, ice skating center, laser tag center, movie theater, local parks, and more.

While a majority of the day is spent having fun in the sun, kids return to the C3 center for a couple of hours. Here they can choose from hundreds of the latest age appropriate video games on our 40 networked gaming computers, play Rockband / Guitar Hero using our projection screens, or play on our air hockey tables.

In addition, parents can choose one of our enriching add-ons for kids when they return to the C3 center: Computer Classes or Math & Science Classes.

About Summer Camp


Frequently Asked Questions

Why C3?
You won’t find a better mix of indoor and outdoor activities than C3’s Full Day Summer Camp. Kids go on daily field trips, enjoy a huge variety of video games, and can sign up for martial arts, gymnastics, and computer classes.

What time do camp activities start? 
The camp activities will start at 9am and end at 4pm. Please arrive on time because some of our field trips will depart approximately around 9am. Our facility is open at 7:30am for before care and is open till 6:00 for after care. During before care and after care children will have free time to engage in various types of computer and video gaming activities.

Are there any forms I must fill out for my child? 
Yes, each camper must turn in a completed Full Day Camp Registration Form. This form must be given to C3 Cyber Club before the 1st day of camp or your child will not be able to attend camp.

Can I pick up my child early? 
If necessary, you may pick your child up before the end of regular camp hours. Please notify us in advance and in writing. This will allow us to have your child ready and waiting when you arrive.

What’s included in the Pricing Plans? 
All pricing plans include free transportation, all field trip expenses, and access to the entire gaming facility.

How can I pay for the camp? 
Please fill out the registration form at the top of the page. You can mail, fax or personally hand in the form to our office staff and complete the payment process. You can make a $75 deposit for each week your child will be enrolled into our camp program and pay the remaining balance on select billing dates.

How will children be getting to field trips? 
Campers will be riding on 15 seated passenger vans to go on field trips. They have our company name, logo and phone number on them.

What are the computer classes hours and schedules? 
Computer classes are for different age levels. Class A is for K-2nd grade and Class B is for 3rd and 8th grade. Computer Classes are scheduled for everyday except Fridays. The hours for class A are from 2:15pm to 3:30pm and class B are from 3:30pm to 4:45pm. Students will receive up to 6 hours of computer class per session.Computer class schedules and openings are subject to change. We keep our computer class teacher to student ratio at 1 to 12 students, therefore the space is very limited.


What are the activities when my child returns from field trips? 
For the last few hours before the day camp ends at 4pm, children will participate in various supervised and planned activities to keep them engaged but also allow them to relax after the camp day. Our large gaming room consists of six 10 foot video projection screens connected to Wii, Xbox 360, and Xbox One, with a large library of the latest age appropriate games. In addition to console equipment, we have 30 network computers with which children can participate in group gaming. Imagine 30 campers each having their own computer and can simultaneously play the same game with others.

Supervised gaming activities and video game competitions have been the biggest draw for our campers. Our popular age appropriate video game competitions are: Super Smash Brawl, Mario Cart, Just Dance, Dance Central and more. There are two air hockey tables for casual play. Campers will be introduced to many different types of games ranging from console to computer games

What are the out door activities at the park? 
On the scheduled days we will go to the park. There will be various types of organized sport activities for different age group such as dodge ball, capture the flag, playground tag, and more.

What should my child bring to camp? 
The following things should be brought to camp everyday: backpack with bathing suit and towel, plastic bag for wet stuff, sunscreen lotion, lunch (no glass containers), morning and afternoon snacks, raingear, shorts (no skirts, girls), socks, tennis shoes (no sandals or flop flops, please!). Please dress your child in clothing that can get dirty. Do not bring cell phones, portable game devices, or MP3 players.

Who should I call in case my child can’t attend camp for the day? 
In the event that you child is unable to attend camp for the day, we ask that you report his/her absence to the C3 Cyber Club office 703-729-0985.

What is the camper to counselor ratios? 
We maintain our staff to child ratio at 1 adult for 10 children.

What are your policy about LOST & FOUND? 
Please mark all belongings with your child’s first and last name. We are not responsible for lost items. A “Lost & Found” box can be found at the camp desk. After two weeks, ” Lost & Found” articles will be taken to a local community shelter.

Who should I call to reach my child on field trips? 
Please call our office at 703-729-0985 . Our receptionist will have a Camp Counselor call you.