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C3 Cyber Club provides fun exciting, interactive computer classes for After School Programs. We will come to your location to teach fun subjects such as game design, programming, 3D modeling & more! We’ve received a tremendous amount of feedback from teachers, students and parents, who celebrate our computer classes as a way to give students a competitive advantage and challenge their minds, all while having fun!


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    Visual Programming With Scratch

    Grades 1 - 3

    Introduce your child to the wonderful world of programming! In this class, students will learn basic...

    Minecraft Modding

    Grades 3 - 8

    In this class, students will learn how to create their own custom  gameplay items and elements ...

    Animation using Minecraft

    Ages 10 - 14, Grades 3 - 8

    In this class, older students will be introduced to basic animation techniques using Minecraft ...

    Lego Mechanics & Engineering

    Ages 10 - 14, Grades 3 - 8

    Powered by the LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Education Ev3 Base Set and Software, our Lego Robotics class ...

    Programming using Minecraft (1-2)

    Ages 6 - 9, Grades 1 - 3

    Using a custom mod called “Computercraft”, students will learn how to program robots called ...

    Lego Mechanics & Engineering

    Ages 6 - 9, Grades K - 2

    Powered by the LEGO® Education WeDo Base Set and Software, our Jr. Lego Robotics class combines the...

    Game Design & Production

    Ages 10 - 14, Grades 4 - 8

    Aspiring game designers will love this class as they have the chance to learn how to utilize the ...

    Comic Book Production

    Ages 10 - 14, Grades 4 - 8

    Graphic Novels and sequential Art has become a mainstay in literary material. From Bill ...

    3D Character Modeling and Sculpting

    Ages 10 - 14, Grades 4 - 8

    In this class students will learn how to digitally sculpt characters in a 3D space! Using a software...

    Animation using Minecraft

    Ages 6 - 9, Grades 1 - 3

    In this class, younger students will learn how characters move and look alive in movies and video ...


    C3 Cyber Club offers a MOBILE service. While our main headquarters are in Ashburn, Virginia, we are more than happy to bring our classes to your programs in Farifax, Rockville, or any other city in the tri-state area. We also provide classes through Community Centers and Home School programs.
    Take a look at our current network. We were at 100+ locations last school year.


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    We ask that you choose two classes minimum for your After School Program. We usually require 6-8 weeks to conduct our class for an hour each class, but if your program is a little different we can work with you to tailor our program to fit your after school enrichment needs. We require a room with plenty of space to accommodate our laptops, extension cables, and an area for the children to play with Legos & Robots if you decide to offer Lego Robotics or 3D Lego Design. We recommend a room with access to a projector to hook up to our own laptops so the children don’t have to gather around one screen.
    Maximum students per class: 12 kids
    Minimum students per class: 8 kids
    Other classes available upon request.
    Interested in offering our classes at your school? Contact us through our Contact form, use button below.

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    PTA References

    Schools City Contact Email Phone
    Dominion Trail Ashburn Dena Collins 703-508-9140
    Creightons Ashburn Claudia 703-728-2877
    Waterford Leesburg Holly Poole 703-851-3558
    FHRS Leesburg Amy 240-483-6308
    Armstrong Reston Tana Reagan 703 472 5468
    Wolftrap Viena Jennifer Arnolie 703-319-1166
    Eagle View Fairfax Sue Lee 703-963-6736