Programming using Minecraft (3-8) - C3 Cyber Club

Programming using Minecraft (3-8)

Ages 10 - 14 Grades 3 - 8

Using a custom mod called “Computercraft”, students will learn how to program robots called “Turtles” inside the world of Minecraft. In this class, students will be introduced to LUA, a simple scripting language used to develop games such as Angry Birds, where they will learn how to programming if-then-else statements, for-while loops, and implement their own functions. Kids will utilize problem-solving skills by learning how to program their robots to complete various tasks and objectives such as programming their turtles to automatically build, mine, and craft items and structures.

Topics Learned

  • Programming & App Development

Skills Gained

  • Coding Efficiency
  • Keyboarding Confidence
  • Problem Solving

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