Ryan Fister - C3 Cyber Club

Ryan Fister

Head of Operations & Technology

I have been a part of the C3 team since 2011. After earning my Bachelor’s Degree in Game Art & Design from The Art Institute of Washington, I discovered a passion for teaching students and helping people.

As the Head of Operations and Technology, I work with the management staff to ensure classes are taught effectively and efficiently. Making use of my education, I also develop curricula for C3, and coordinate a team of developers working on other curricula.

When I started, one of the main things I enjoyed was working with kids. In my current position, I like improving classes by updating content and logistics using my experience. I also like interacting with parents and kids at fairs.

In my free time, when I’m not badly singing along to Taylor Swift songs in the car, I enjoy playing a variety of video games ranging from fantasy role playing games to sci-fi shooters.