Lamar Allen - C3 Cyber Club

Lamar Allen

Disctrict of Columbia/ Prince George County District Manager

I graduate from ITT Institute Bachelor’s in Computer Networking Systems & Applications. I started with C3 shortly afterward, in September 2012, as a Mobile Class teacher. Working with C3 was my first job after college.

As District Manager for the District of Columbia and Prince George County, I schedule teachers for classes, communicate with school coordinators, and resolve issues that teachers or schools have.

I like that C3 educates kids, and I like how we do it. The way we teach curriculum makes it easy for kids to learn. It’s presented it in a way that’s enjoyable, and kids seem to learn without even knowing it.

During my free time, I like playing video games. Some of my favorites are Madden, Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, and Lords of the Fallen.