David Le - C3 Cyber Club

David Le

Owner & President

David Tai Le is the owner and creator of C3 Cyber Club, Loudoun’s only interactive children’s learning and entertainment center.

David’s entrepreneurial spirit lead him to start C3 Cyber Club after he recognized the amount of time children spend playing video and computer games. He decided to create a place where they could do more than just play games. His vision lead him to create an interactive environment where kids could step behind the scenes, and learn how to make their own games, using state-of-the-art equipment and award-winning software. He turned C3 Cyber Club into an atmosphere for kids to make friends, explore technology, learn the value of teamwork and improve their social skills. He has always aimed to give parents affordable options, top-notch customer service and a safe-haven for their kids.

Under Le’s direction, C3 Cyber Club prides itself with being a structured, creativity-driven learning environment offering classes in robotics, programming, Lego design , unique gaming experiences and a facility for kid’s birthday parties. He, along with his C3 Cyber Club instructors, develop and continuously update the center’s engaging curriculum that inspires young learners to come up with creative solutions for computing and gaming problems. Le also believes in life outside of games and technology, so the center offers a martial arts program to keep kids active and healthy.
His future plans for C3 Cyber Club include:
Adding new talent, including graduates from top technology and multimedia programs, as well as seasoned professionals, to further diversify the center’s programming.
Continuing to provide parents with an affordable way to entertain and educate their kids
Reaching out to more local schools and homeschooling programs to offer mobile computer and gaming classes as an after-school enrichment program
Making plans to start other C3 Cyber Clubs, both regionally and nationally, so that more children can experience a behind the scenes look at everything from how their favorite games are made to robotics and video design
He plays an active role in the Loudoun business community, as well as the Asian American business community. Every year, C3 Cyber Club donates money to local schools and churches to help encourage their growth and development.
David counts his family as some of his biggest supporters and motivators. He is the proud father of a daughter with whom he enjoys playing sports such as basketball and soccer.