Andrew Kelley - C3 Cyber Club

Andrew Kelley

District Manager – Montgomery / Howard

I began working for C3 in August 2013 as a teacher and became a District Manager in June 2014. I’m currently studying to become an Art Professor, majoring in Illustration and Sequential Art. I’m a fine artist by trade. My experience with kids includes tutoring and acting as a Boy Scout counselor for several years.

As a District Manager for C3, I make the class schedule, assign teachers to classes, maintain equipment, oversee communication with parents, school coordinators, and teachers. I provide support to teachers and ensure classes are taught at the highest level. I enjoy helping students expand on subjects outside of the normal school system and increase their skill set.

Outside of C3, I create art using different mediums including paint, charcoal, and ink. I’m an avid comic reader and creator. I enjoy playing basketball, swimming, and of course video games! Some of my favorites are Mario 64, Mario Kart, Portal 1 & 2, The Assassin’s Creed series, Star Wars Battlefront I & II, WWF No Mercy, WWE 2k16, NBA 2k series, Team Fortress, Minecraft, Skyrim, and Fallout 3 & 4.