Adrian Furusho - C3 Cyber Club

Adrian Furusho

Training Manager /Lead Teacher

I went to the Art Institute of Washington, where I majored in Media Arts and Animation. My specialty is 3D modeling characters and objects. I learned about aesthetics in artwork, multimedia including video production, graphics design, photography, illustration, and much more.

I started working at C3 Cyber Club while in school, after I heard about it from some friends. It’s fun working with students. The best thing is when they tell me the class they had was the funnest and coolest ever. Sometimes students gift me drawings, and even a quartz rock.

As the Training Manager, I ensure teachers get as much quality training as possible, guide them on managing their classrooms and students, and teach them curriculum. Sometimes I will teach a class here or there, and sometimes I’ll substitute for teachers. When I’m not training or teaching, I work on curriculum for C3 Cyber Club.

I do love beautiful and incredible stories in video games and books, 3D modeling, tinkering with making games, reading, and going outside to wander nature.