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It’s easy for a struggling student to get lost in a big classroom, especially in a tough subject like math. To help students get the personal attention they need to thrive in today’s competitive educational environment, C3 Cyber Club now offers mathematics tutoring for students of all ages.

Our math tutoring has three goals:

  • Prepare students for exams

  • Establish a strong foundation for future learning

  • Reignite a passion for math in struggling students
  • The MATH Program has been developed by math teachers and experts. It builds students’ fundamental math knowledge so that they can meet or exceed Virginia’s mathematical standards, some of the highest math standards in the United States. The program enables students to score well on the Mathematics Standard of Learning test that Virginia students must take annually.

    Students who enroll in the MATH program will start by taking a pre-assessment test for their grade level to identify math weaknesses and strengths. Parents will receive a report with this information.

    We will customize the program to address each student’s specific learning difficulties by providing lessons and worksheets that build their math skills in those specific areas.

    Students will have lessons in small groups, learning topics they haven’t been taught yet in their grade level and higher grade levels. Parents will receive updates on their student’s progress throughout the program.

    This customized program insures students make significant progress in a short amount of time. The program makes the most of students’ math study time by focusing on learning difficulties and by limiting tutoring session to 1 hour, the maximum attention span for most students. Trained instructors assist students with math exercises and help guide them through the problem solving process. Parents can rest easy knowing their child is well prepared for annual testing.


    Sessions are 1 hour long.

    Choose a weekday start time from 4:30pm – 6:30pm.

    Choose 2 days/week for math tutoring: Monday through Thursday.

    Weekend tutoring times available based on number of students.

    Use our “Contact Us” form to email us with any questions, pricing inquiries, and/or to schedule an appointment.

    Math Tutoring

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